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Pneumatic filter magnet

RO-MAG© inline filter magnet is an ideal solution to eliminate fine ferrous contaminants for your inline pneumatic transport production if you wish to clean it manually. In most of the cases, this type of filter magnet will be used when there is not enough height for free fall applications.

Suitable for under -and overpressure.

Also suitable for Food application.

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  • Completely made of SS304
  • Finishing sandblasted
  • Sharp price-quality ratio
  • Easy to clean by removing the grid out of the housing manually
  • Standard in-and outlet equipped with flat ends to weld at existing pipes
  • FDA Seal EPDM white

Magnet Specs:

  • Real measured value: 12.000 (+/-500) Gauss
  • Diameter magnetbars 25mm
  • Temp. Resistance –20/80°C
  • Can attract iron parts from 30μm

Optional Easy Clean System:

  • After removing the grids from the housing, separate the extractor from the magnetbars and the fine iron pieces will fall away.
  • Extractor tubes: Ø28x1mm

Technical Specifications

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Standard Easy Clean

Available Features

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Finishing in other material (e.g. SS316)

Initiator (safety) to prevent product transport while cleaning (type IFM or others)

Seal Si white, Si blue, …

Catching device (grid)

Possible connections housing:

  • Standard DIN 24154 T2 flange loose behind edge
  • Standard DIN 24154 T2 flange welded on
  • Standard DIN 11851 flange (food-quality)
  • Other flange sizes also possible on request ….


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  • This unit is ideal for placement above a metal detector, as the metal detector is mainly useful as a final check and less as an effective separator (less product loss because of magnet).
  • We can provide the filter magnet with a calibration certificate, so you are always in compliance with an audit.
  • When you have bigger product particles, request the possibility for chute magnets in pneumatic transport.

Haven’t found the right filter magnet yet? Contact one of our specialised sales engineers. In addition to our standard solutions, we also provide customised solutions without project costs!

To help us a bit, you can already write down the product data:

  • Capacity (in ton/hour)
  • Humidity of product (in %)
  • Density of product (in kg/m³)
  • Available space to build-in (in mm)
  • Example sketch if possible

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