Why Ro-Mag is your reliable partner for magnetic solutions.


We hope to build a partner relationship with each client, where solutions are found and problems are eliminated with mutual respect.


Ensuring the continuity of our business with customer-focused support where the solution is central. Fast response times, competitive prices, high-quality solutions, are definitely our trump cards.


The family spirit within Ro-Mag is of primary importance to us.  We will always be able to keep a close eye on the ball and make quick decisions.


Our R&D does not stand still. We are with a team of top engineers who are constantly looking for high-end solutions as well as new compact and very simple solutions.


Our family and customer-oriented approach is one of our major assets. We have been known for years for our strong customer relationships.


Our production runs like a well-oiled machine. Ro-Mag makes constant internal progress towards structured production planning. As a result, our delivery times are very short and we can switch quickly.